A cheese that is deliciously good for you! 

Nutrient Dense

Basmati Rice


- Important for nervous systems. 

Cashew nuts 

High in proteins and copper - Strong Bones. 

Gluten and Dairy Free


Macadamia Nuts

   - Help prevent         celular damage. 

StripcheeZe by Ana Bueno
The Cheese Name

Stripping dairy off cheese made our cheese so healthy and good for you that we gave the cheese a good name :) 

Bueno is the founder Ana last name and means good in Spanish. 

Cheeze is commonly used for vegan cheese. 

About the CheeZe

BuenoCheeze is an artisan plant-based cheeze made out mainly of cashew and macadamia nuts and basmati rice. It is fermented and aged for at least 14 days.


We desire to deliver our product to anyone who appreciates functional food that causes no harm to the body, nor the environment.  


At Buenoseeds, we are committed in keeping our food products nutritional value and when possible, working with superfoods, a non-medical term popularized to refer to foods that can have health-promoting properties, this helps enrich our products benefits in delivering nurturing in food.

It is delicious and nutritious.

The cheeZe boutique

While Covid-19 is keeping most of us home, we continue to work to supply online demand of our dairy-free cheese for our customers.

You can find BuenocheeZe at:

Obox in Miami, FL

Call the shop to see availability at (786) 643-6369. 

Check their Instagram page:  #Obox.c_store 

Make sure to register in our website to receive emails with our product availability. The cheeZes go fast, we are usually sold out within a few hours of posting our fresh products in our online store. 

Thank you for your visit. 

Best Wishes,

Artisan - Aged - Amazing

Restauranteurs and wholesalers are welcome.