Does BuenoSeeds accept insurance?


What are the benefits of the BuenoSeeds Concept? 


Detox, lose weight and extra fat, lean muscles, prevent diseases, delay aging, cleaner skin, nurture the body, possible regeneration of present illness, maximize energy levels. 

How much does the evaluation with, Food Sensitivity Test, Ebook and  the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) cost?

Three hundred and seventy five dollars.

How long the Detox Plan is for and how much does it cost?


It will be designed to last for 4 weeks. You will have a detox planned accordingly to your body necessities based on your desire outcome and results of your food sensitivity test. It starts at one hundred and seventy five dollars. The price changes if you need extra services such as groceries shopping or service to prepare the  detox for you. 

Can I do the Detox Plan before the evaluation?

It is not recommended. The test result and information collected at the moment of your of evaluation are essential to design an effective Detox Plan for your needs. For example, if you have hight levels of heavy metals in your body or if you are sensitive to a food

Does BuenoSeeds offer groceries shopping?

Yes, for an additional charge, for clients doing Detox Plan or committed to BuenoSeeds Concept.

Are BuenoSeeds only for plant-based people?


No. While ingredients are mostly plants, anyone can participate. Pescatarians, vegetarians, carnivores, area all welcome.

When I come for a  check up visit after I finish the Detox Plan, what will be evaluated and how much will  cost?

Your bioelectrical impendance analyses will be compared to your first visit and we will understand where your eating habits are. The follow up visit cost one hundred and fifteen dollars.