© 2017 by Ana Bueno - BuenoSeeds by Chef Ana Bueno. Denver, Colorado. - Planting good seeds. 

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What do we do



We are capable to pursue a healthier lifestyle at today's' busy scenario when we fully understand the importance of maintaining or regain our health to experience our maturing stages gracefully and pleasantly.  

Aging is inevitable, and choosing a path where diseases will be developed can be voided. 

Let's embrace the concept of a better version of us at just a thought away, a paradigm shift where  everything you knew was great, but there is new informations and realizations about all of that that took place and it is wonderful if you just allow yourself to find out for your own experience, your own thinking, the way you want, the way you feel it connects. 

"It's impossible" said pride.

"It's risky" said experience.

"It's pointless" said reason.

"Give it a try", whispered the heart. 


Buenoseeds was born with the concept of guiding business, and individuals interested in developing healthier habits, including a plant-based lifestyle for self-evident reasons, as normalizing blood sugar and