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Creamy and crunchy texture combined to bring to this dairy-free cheeZe a delicious taste!  


In case you need it, here are a couple of great reasons to eat it: 


- Delicious

- Great source of protein

- Dairy-free

- Gluten-free

- Vegan 

- Plant-based

- A strong source of copper (few of food sources that are hight in it), essential for your bone health.

- Goes amazing with wine! :)


Curious Note: 

One ounce of cashews contains 622 micrograms of copper.

For adults aged 19 years and over, the recommended intake for copper each day is 900 microgram ( information provided by Medical News Today website). 

Meet Black

  • Let us know how it was your experience after eating a cheeZe that was not made with cow milk! 

    You can share your thoguths with us via email, and by a phone call (305)91BUENO, we will make sure you are a satisfied customer.

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