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Ana Bueno. 

Ana Bueno, the founder of BUENOSEEDS, created a company based on her passion for hospitality services and functional gourmet food.


Before devoting her work full-time as a chef, Ana gained experience in all aspects of the food and beverage industry working with seasoned chefs such as Anthony Moraes, Luke Bergman, and Juan Manuel Barrientos, and as a Director of Operations for other business before becoming a chef. 

Relevant experience includes:

  • Graduate of a premier plant-based culinary academy. 

  • Hospitality and Art Event management. 

  • Team party for a seasonally focused modern American and molecular cuisine restaurant.

  • Director of operations.

  • Mixologist.

  • Business and administration/ Marketing.

  • Culinary workshops

After a sabbatical, traveling around Asia, Europe, and South America, Ana started to invest time into a chef career by going to PlantLab school from chef Matthew Kenney at the time. Dedicated to studying and learning about food and it’s importance in our well being. The content she studied is vast, and includes but does not limit the works done from Ph.D. T Collin Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. Michael Klaper, Anthony Lim, MD, JD among Dr. Joe Dispenza, Ph.D. Bruce Lipton and many others that she shares with her services. Her study and dedication meld and created Buenoseeds, where she provides personalized services as, business and personal consultant as a plant-based chef for individuals who are interested in pursuing a more conscientious diet and lifestyle; Ana has also developed her first food product by stripping dairy of cheese - StripcheeZe, an artisan, gourmet lactose-free cheese considered plant-based for a nutritious property. 

Ana Bueno


Let yourself open to embrace new flavors, ingredients, experiences, there is nothing to loose. - Ana Bueno.