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Ana Bueno.

Plant Based Chef 

Ana Bueno, the founder of BuenoSeeds, created a wellness company based on her passion for hospitality and wellness to helps businesses and individual clients evolve consciously, choosing to embrace the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle when desired. 


Before devoting her work full-time as a personal chef,  Ana gained experience in all aspects of the food and beverage industry. Before relocating to Miami, FL in May of 2018, Ana was part of the great team at an award-winning restaurant in Denver, Colorado.  

Relevant experience includes:

  • Graduate of a premier plant based culinary academy.

  • Team party for a seasonally focused modern American and molecular cuisine restaurants.

  • Director of operations.

  • Mixologist.

  • Business and administration/ Marketing.

  • Culinary workshops 

  • Hospitality and Art Event management. 

In addition to being passionate about wellness and researches, Ana has enjoyed eating her way across seven different countries in 2016 and 2017. She enjoys immersing herself in different cultures, learning and loving the people and food. Ana enjoys researching the benefits of nurturing the body and mind through healthier eating habits. These experiences have given her the knowledge to expertly provide personalized services, where wellness is at the heart and a priority.

Professional Experience 


Ana Bueno


A combination of studies, travels and researches helped with bringing the best result from food to nurture body, mind and soul when desired. - Ana Bueno.