Personal Chef

Regenerating with food's purpose is to use ingredients intentionally to deliver the best nutrients to your body.

You eat to nourish and empower your immune system. Regenerating health, helping your energy and hormonal levels rise. 


This program is more than preparing meals. This program is designed to support you towards independence by feeding yourself with nutrition-dense ingredients and an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. 


- Food shopping expenses are not included. 

3 hrs | $450

Private Chef

Bring the restaurant to your private gathering.

Experience new flavors and powerful ingredients to help regenerate your health while having fun with your friends and family at a beautiful dinner table where an appetizer will be served with the main course and following with dessert.

Here is what is "served" with Private Chef experience:

  • Menu development

  • Food shopping service

  • Unpacking, cleaning, prepping  

  • Appetizer, main course, and dessert

  • Table set

  • After cooking cleaning. 


- Food shopping expenses are not included. 

4 hrs | $600

Salad with Fish Fillet

Culinary Classes

Unite with friends, family, co-workers, and mind alike people. Learn about plant-based food, knife skills, and cooking tips to maintain the nutrients of your meal before you enjoy every bite with your favorite people. This program includes education towards elevating your diet to the next level.

Culinary Class Keynotes:

  • Introduction on a nutrient-dense food diet. 

  • Knife skills. 

  • Cooking techniques. Keep food nutrients to nourish your body.

  • Learn to cook a plant-based meal and how to plate like a restaurant. 


Note: Food is included for Culinary Class. Class is tailored for 6 people, it can be accommodated for up to 12 people upon request.


Hospitality Consulting 

If you are looking to embrace a plant-based orientation to your hospitality business, we can develop the concept and the operations. 

  • Concept development: Purpose, Embodiment, Food, Service. 

  • Operational Training 

  • Food Source Resolution 

  • Menu and Experience Development

  • Marketing Approach Overview and Direction 

50 hrs | $7500

Restaurant Chef

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