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Dr. Gabriela said:

Robb Walters

Amazing Wellness Challenge!

I was skeptical as I embarked in the 31 day wellness challenge given that I already felt knowledgeable in how to make healthy food choices but I was amazed at how much I learned during my 31 days of plant-base eating. There are so many protein alternatives to meant and animal products that I never missed eating meat. Most surprisingly I find myself not wanting to eat as much chicken anymore and have rediscovered a love of chickpeas instead! I would recommend working with Ana and learning how food can be both delicious and healing at the same time! Food truly is medicine and while eating a plant -based anti-inflammatory diet I felt great and could work out harder? I will definitely maintain some of the habits I developed such as eating cheese as an indulgence and incorporating more dairy-free yogurt on my breakfast menu.

Dr. Gabriela Velez
Kidney Associates of Colorado





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