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Tell me a little about you
Your eating habits play a crucial role in achieving your desired outcomes. That's why you are requested to kindly share the details below to guide the creation of your personalized food and lifestyle protocol that will align with your taste preferences and goals, ultimately leading you to successful healthier version of yourself.

All the information is private and will not be shared with third parties or anyone unless requested by you via email at:
In my daily eating practices I... (pick the options that is in your reality in this moment of your life. - There is no wrong answer.)
Every day eat at least one portion of... (choose the ones you eat daily)
When it comes to breads....
What about sweets? How often you have one sweet bite?
Do you snack during the day? If yes, how many times?
Do you often have yeast infection?
Would you like to improve your hormones?
What do you want to take out of this program?
Let' talk about your daily water intake
The water I drink is from
Branch of Flowers

Dr. Gabriela said:

Amazing Wellness Challenge!

I was skeptical as I embarked in the 31 day wellness challenge given that I already felt knowledgeable in how to make healthy food choices but I was amazed at how much I learned during my 31 days of plant-base eating. There are so many protein alternatives to meant and animal products that I never missed eating meat. Most surprisingly I find myself not wanting to eat as much chicken anymore and have rediscovered a love of chickpeas instead! I would recommend working with Ana and learning how food can be both delicious and healing at the same time! Food truly is medicine and while eating a plant -based anti-inflammatory diet I felt great and could work out harder? I will definitely maintain some of the habits I developed such as eating cheese as an indulgence and incorporating more dairy-free yogurt on my breakfast menu.

Dr. Gabriela Velez
Kidney Associates of Colorado

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