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The evaluation, which can be in person or online, aims to understand where you are at this moment of your life, how you need to be with your food habits, what is stopping you from achieving your best health, and how committed you are to following this path of developing awareness with food reeducation and embracing it.

You can be tested for food sensitivity if desired, have a bio-electrical impedance analysis done, measurements taken for future use, and receive an elixir and an ebook to start detoxifying your body right away, along with suggestions for effective practices to prepare your body to receive the BuenoSeeds Nutrition Concept if that is your wish.

The first evaluation takes up to forty-five minutes to one hour. Buenoseeds Nutrition Concept is designed exclusively for each individual. The process of adapting to new food habits varies from person to person. What determines the time frame for the process to be complete is your willingness and commitment to creating and embracing the tools I will share with you to help you achieve your desire for better health.



"We are a team. You have the desire to achieve better health, and I have the knowledge you need with food to help you in this journey."

- Ana Bueno
Holistic Nutritionist

Empowering and motivating you to become your expert on experiencing food as medicine.

Below are some of the benefits you may experience with Nutrition Coach Services.


I believe healthy eating has the power to prevent and cure diseases, treat symptoms, nurture the body, mind, and soul. Some of the benefits you may experience during a holistic nutrition plan practice are losing extra weight, gaining lean muscle and performance, delay aging, and possible treatment and regeneration of chronic illnesses.


You have to want more than you to be skeptical. 


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