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Branch in a Glass Jar


I am a nutrition coach and executive chef with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry including fine dining and Michelin stars restaurants. I’ve taught Plant-based culinary classes in Miami and worked with individuals all over the world looking to enhance their health with conscientious eating habits to deliver nurturing, anti-inflammatory ingredients while supporting regeneration with food.

My passion for food came while I was a child helping my grandma, who shared with me the secrets and the magic of food, herbs, and spices from our Brazilian culture. I understood the value of food in its entirety and the role of empowerment to help cure diseases, treat symptoms and calm the mind and soul.

The approach to working with my clients is through a wholistic evaluation, understanding where they are at that moment of their lives, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and encouraging healthy eating with awareness.



To build an efficient service in reprogramming eating habits, I’ve researched studies, seminars, courses, and classes committing to living this whole food lifestyle.

My experiences and certifications have enabled me to understand the nutritional value of food, the way it is absorbed by the body, and its healing properties. Now I can share them with you, so you can also benefit from this knowledge.


If you want a regenerative lifestyle and are not sure how to start, I can help you achieve your goals.

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Holistic Nutritional Coaching  

T: (305) 91-BUENO (28366)

Aspen - Denver, CO
Fort Lauderdale - Miami - Tampa, FL

New York, NY

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