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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Hello, I am Ana Bueno (yes, this is my last name :) good one right?

I am a holistic nutritional coach, executive chef and the founder of BuenoCheeze and BuenoSeeds Concept.

What is Buenoseeds?

Buenoseeds is a concept created and used by me and tens of others, an approach that recognizes that everyone is unique and that diet plans, while they work for some, cannot work for all.

Buenoseeds Concept provides health services tailored to individuals, families, or business teams. Coaching on how and what to eat to fortify the pillars that keep you healthy, adjusting your lifestyle for long term result, including detoxing, losing weight, gaining lean muscles, helping manage hormones and maximize energy levels.

What do BuenoSeeds do for People?

BuenoSeeds Concept explores current health motivations, for example, healthcare, wellness, betterment, weight loss, and feeling more energetic, respecting current health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, food allergy, etc., even personal cooking skills limitations and favorite foods and flavor profiles.

How does it work?

On your first visit, in person or online, you will be tested for food sensitivity and have bioelectrical impedance analysisdone along with a questionnaire. The answers will help me understand where you are at this moment of your life with your food habits and how committed you are to improving your wellness accordingly to your desires, along with the best tools to help you reach your goals.

Once we have the results and discuss them, you can choose if you would like to continue to pusue your goal for better health with other services we provide at BuenoSeeds.

If you choose to continue, you will have a personalized BuenoSeeds Concept Plan designed exclusively for you. There are options with instructional content for Detoxying and BuenoSeeds Concept Plan.

BuenoSeeds offers services to help your journey with your goal of long-term food habit changes to keep you in your healthier state.

What type of foods does Buenoseeds support?

Wellness is possible with a lifestyle approach that integrates nurturing mind, body, and soul.

BuenoSeeds Concept focuses on anti-inflammatory foods, which happen to be 100% plant-based/ whole foods, and does not subscribe to any diet because we do not believe in it.

This concept works with people who understand the importance of having an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for a healthier life. People who are open and motivated to increase the amount of plant-based foods in their food intake for their betterment.

The results will depend on your willingness to commit to the food suggestions designed for you, according to your food sensitivity test results, your metrics, and your desired outcome.

Are BuenoSeeds only for plant-based people?


Ingredients are only plant-based for their powerful, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Anyone open to experiencing the power of whole foods can have great results with BuenoSeeds Plan.

What is the purpose of BuenoSeeds?

The purpose is to help you understand about the whole foods power to regenerate.

To share knowledge on how to acquire the best nutritional value from the food you eat to help give your body the tools it needs to keep healthy and to help you get the results you want. What you will do with all the information shared and how much you will apply in your life is totally up to you.

Regenerative food ingredients are set free to the world to empower you. It can transform the health and well-being of millions of people if they know what to do with it. I can help with the learning curve.

What you will NOT find at BuenoSeeds?

A collection of thousands of recipes. We're not a cooking blog.

BuenoSeeds provide nutritional recommendations?

No. Suggestions are provided.

Suggestions on how you can help your body absorb the best nutrients out of food are offered at your will.

BuenoSeeds Concept is not to be responsible for your personal choice of practicing suggestions of using the nutritional value of whole food to nurture your body or not.

BuenoSeeds does not provide educational services regarding any form of medical nutrition or medical dietary guidance. Information, such as books, articles, links, etc., is shared as people helping people.

Wow – where do I start? Ana has quite simply changed my eating habits for the better and possibly changed my life through her food. Ever since I switched over to her plant-based cuisine, my health and energy levels have significantly improved, and I feel truly healthy for the first time in my life.

Although I’m not 100% vegan or plant-based, Ana has found a way to work around my meat-friendly habits. After trying the first meal she introduced to me, I was hooked. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in nutrition and puts this knowledge to good use in each of her dishes.

She is also extremely open about her methods and provides her clients with tips and tricks they can do on their own. From juicing, to nutrition, to detoxing, she is very helpful. I've been eating her amazing food for a few months now, and I would highly recommend Ana and her Wellness Coach Program!

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