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A Nutrition Coach with Plant-based Nutrition Certificate completed at eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and an Executive Chef from Plant-based Culinary Arts at PlantLab by Matthew Kenney Cuisine. I have a background of Business Administration and Marketing.

I was able to integrate my passion for food, the entrepreneurial experiences I’ve had in the hospitality and business industry, with my curiosity and desire to learn to create BuenoSeeds Nutrition. With a concept to help nurture people from the inside out, building supporting pillars for a healthy and enjoyable life. I believe that the desired outcome becomes the reality we chose to our lives. What is yours?

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Ana Bueno -

Design regenerativo

O projeto regenerativo é uma abordagem de sistemas inteiros orientada para o processo para o projeto. O termo "regenerativo" descreve processos que restauram, renovam ou revitalizam suas fontes de energia e materiais. Alimentos regenerativos criam sistemas resilientes e equitativos que integram as necessidades da sociedade com a integridade da natureza.


A collection of thousands of recipes, this is not a cooking blog. BuenoSeeds Nutrition Concept is to help you transition towards an anti-inflammatory and regenerative food habit.


"Suas receitas encontram um equilíbrio entre comida deliciosa que sacia nossos sentidos enquanto nos nutre completamente ..."

Sandra Aguiar Astrologia e Coaching de Vida Holística

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