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How healthy do you want to be while alive?

Discover Regeneration in Food

It is interesting how regenerating is possible easily than we believe. Interestingly, some of us are not focusing on regaining what we degenerate daily in our lives.

Think about the years of the age you have. With the everyday routine during those years, you have been 'consuming' your body, your mind, like an auto, a house, or as a temple would deplete, reverse degeneration is to understand what is that you would like to regenerate in your health and it's habits, once you know that, then you can focus on choosing what would give support for it to happen, food is what will feed a disease or your health.

You choose your food.

You deliver the food to your body, your body absorbs what you give to it.

You choose to live a healthy life or not. Regardless of your environment, regardless of your genes, what you choose to feed your body is a decision you make.

I have a few questions:

How healthy do you want to be while alive? For what reasons?

Why would you bit yourself every day of your existence if you could choose not to?

Can you see how you hurt yourself with your choices?

I'd love to read your answers to these questions if you feel like sharing.

In the next post, I'm gonna share thinking and my take on those and what I adopted to my life, such as learning, never ends.

Hope to see you there.



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