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You Are What You Eat

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Think about it.

Everything you feed your Self with has a by-product, a consequence.

You became it. The by-product is the consequence of your actions, including your eating habits.

For example, water:

When you hydrate every day by drinking enough natural mineral water (I will make a post about water soon), your body will consequently be hydrated. It is a natural by-product of your choice of drinking quality and the amount of water your body needs.

Let’s put it into perspective. Regularly eating ingredients full of nutritional value will keep nurturing your body more than if you eat ingredients not full of nutritional value, such as processed foods.

When you are eating for a long time lifeless ingredients, full of sugar, high cholesterol, and carcinogens, the probability you may experience in the future illness as a by-product of your choices is not odd.

There is more than what we ingest that affects our health, for example, what we think, how much alcohol we drink, how many cigarettes we smoke, how many hours we sleep, how much stress we tolerate, how little we exercise, and so on. It is all intertwined. Every action generates a reaction, a consequence, a by-product in our body.

Food is a strong pillar of our wellness, and it has the power to help us shift the other habits.

How do you change that?

Invest in yourself, in your knowledge, in learning how to use food in your favor for a long and healthy life.

Only you can make that choice. I can help in your journey because I did it myself and inspired many others who were ready and wanted to become a healthier version of themselves to embrace a new lifestyle where food complemented their self-love.

Stay with the light.



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