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Hello there!

Thank you for being here and interested in my services as a Wholistic Nutrition Coach.

I am thrilled you are exploring possibilities for us to work together towards your wellness goals. This page is where you will explore the best service for yourself.  

Before you choose the best option, I invite you to read a brief disclosure available at THIS LINK, where you will understand in detail what is and what is not provided in my services once you decide to commit to the services I provide.

BuenoSeeds Nutrition is a concept that nurtures the body from the inside out, building pillars for a healthy and enjoyable life with food bioavailability to help you get better health and longevity.

The services offered were born out of my passion for well-being, longevity, and food knowledge with my entrepreneurial experiences in the hospitality industry as an executive chef and mixologist and my plant-based nutrition certification, as my curiosity and desire to learn about regeneration with food for myself took place.

Today, I help others find a regenerative relationship with food in a way they benefit by taking charge of their health and using food as one of the tools for achieving wellness and longevity.

Let's start with an evaluation to understand where you are with your eating habits and the best path for your wellness destination.

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