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Of Aluminum/ Zirconium in Your Deodorant

Most of us do not have a complete understanding of how anything that contacts our body exactly affects our health. Personally, I did not, for a long period of time.

Our skin is a natural and the biggest receptor and transmitter of our body. One of the first steps to get healthier is to free as much as possible from chemicals and metals embedded in our everyday solutions such as Deodorants. Most of them contain aluminum, a metal that helps to kill bacteria that may cause odor; however, it also blocks your pores from sweating, this leads to our body to not release toxins properly, and that might cause medical conditions on our lymph glands among others.

Opt for a natural product, free of Aluminum Chlorohydrate/ Zirconium/ Triclosan deodorant instead using the conventional ones.

Tip: Tea tree oil helps kills bacterias that may cause odor, look for that ingredient in your deodorant if that is a concern for you.

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